our story

When Grumpy & I first retired in 1997 we wanted to travel and knew we needed a craft business to help with travel expenses. As we were thinking exactly what we wanted to do, a friend showed us a flatware bracelet that she had gotten as a gift. Grumpy and I both thought at the same time “That’s It”. Since we had no idea exactly how to get started, it took a lot of trial and error---a whole lot of throwaways. But D & S Antique Flatware Jewelry was born and what started out as a part time business that we expected to last only two or three years has turned in to a full time business. After 15 years in business, we love it as much as we did when we first started. I still get very excited at finding the beautiful silverplated flatware and Grumpy loves his time in the shop . We enjoy meeting and getting to know our customers at the shows we attend and through our home sales.

Thank you in advance for visiting our web page. Just to let you know, Grumpy is really not grumpy. Everyone always wants to know how he got the name. Our first Grandchild, Makayla who is 21 years old now and attending the University Of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, started calling him Grumps when she was very young. Friends visiting Disney World that year bought him a Grumpy hat and from then on he was officially Grumpy.

Don “Grumpy” & Sue Reid